Another video showed up in my news feed yesterday. Another black person. Another white police officer. Another argument between believers yelling over one other in this odd social media world.

“All lives matter!” a white man yells. Don’t you care about millions of unborn babies murdered legally every year? Don’t you care about believers around the world being persecuted? Black men and women aren’t unique. Why be so exclusive?

“Black lives matter!” a black woman yells back. Don’t you get it? Don’t you realize how horrible you sound denying this? No one is putting one vulnerable group above another. Do our collective lives matter as the black community? It does not feel like it. Not with videos like this. Not with Eric Garner. Not with Corey Jones.

And so now I wonder…at 3 am in the morning I wonder… God where are you in the midst of this? We look like crazy people to the world around us and not in the “salt and light” kind of way. We look anxious. We look scared. We look indignant. We look stupid.

Honestly, do we really think we look like you?

And I wonder…In the silence of my home with my sweet girls asleep next to me I wonder…Lord, do we have the ability to see your image in humanity as a whole? As progressives. As conservatives. As Syrian refugees. As migrant workers. As citizens. As gun-owners. As terribly poor. As undoubtedly rich. As people of color. As white middle-class Americans.

As for me, I am unashamedly a follower of Jesus. I am a granddaughter of immigrants. My grandfather initially came to the U.S. as an undocumented farm worker. I hate guns, having had one pointed at me. I have broken bread with some of the most loving Muslim men and women who have treated me like family. I have friends who identify as gay. All of these influence me as I engage with and talk about the controversial issues of today.

I am also a woman forever changed by the grace of God, moved to the core for the brokenness in our world. I too long for peace. In Israel and in Palestine. In my own Christian community. For my neighbors in the broadest sense.

So can we be in this together, those of us in the household of faith? Can we be in this around the greatest of commandments? Jesus made it simple for us. The world will know us by our love. Can we give it unconditionally and indiscriminately? Can we lavish it on our dearest relationships, our vilest enemy, and everyone in between?

Even in writing this, I feel so very foolish. But in my foolishness, I will still beg you. Can we please stop? Let’s lament together for the dead little bodies washed up on shores. For the cruel dismembering of vulnerable babies. For the mass incarceration of black men. For issues of police brutality. For the rampant violence in our schools and campuses. For the burned down church buildings across the South. For our persecuted family in the world. Can we be a united voice against all dehumanization and atrocity?

Oh Father may we be one as the trinity teaches us. Let us learn to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with you. The world needs this. We need this.